How do we sell?

Mainly Books is a sell and exchange shop. Usually there are two prices on books and puzzles. The higher price is the sale price of that item. We are happy to just sell books and puzzles.

The lower price is paid when a book or puzzle is brought in for exchange which is of an equal or near equal quality. This can be for a single item or many items. This works well for us as the stock level is maintained.


Do we buy?

Most certainly if the item is in a reasonable condition. Just don’t expect to make a fortune out of selling to us. We do try to be fair.


Do we have what you want?

Mainly Books Thame's has a large catalogue of books. If you are looking for a certain title, drop by to 533 Pollen Street Thames, call us on 07 868 5533 or email us via pitipnz@outlook.com and Mainly Books Thames can look for your request.