• Tales of the Maori Coast

In this collection of short stories and sketches there is the real spirit and tradition of New Zealand. There are glimpses of the romantic and adventurous era. The contact between the two races (Maori and European) is the principal theme, and the sea coast and the old frontier are the scenes of these little real-life dramas, spread over the 19th century. Here is the old maritime life, with its schooners and whaleships and timber-carriers, and a touch of the smuggling days.

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Tales of the Maori Coast

  • Product Code: 222
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Author(s): James Cowan
  • Date Published: 1930
  • Publisher: Fine Arts (NZ) Limited
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Condition: Reasonable, some foxing and yellowing present. Dust jacket – good with slight tears
  • NZ$ 65.00